"Nothing in my life has provided more transformational growth than the inner healing I received from Art Defenderfer. Before coming to Art, I struggled with depression and low self-image. Now, after getting counseling from Art, I am overflowing with life and abundant happiness and my self-confidence is off the charts!" ~ Matt (Teacher)

“My time with Art was very beneficial. Wounds from past rejection and abandonment which had caused years of fear and anxiety were brought to light and healed. This resulted in a much more healthy self-image and emotional freedom to be at peace with who I am. I highly recommend Art.” ~ D.P.

“As a patient of Art Defenderfer, I appreciate the skills Art gave me to gain trust in myself to become a healthy adult. Through counseling, I started to see my past hurts of the wounded child inside. Art helped me gain the skills through counseling, that I can control my reaction to recurring hurts through life’s journey and now respond appropriately. I am now more secure than ever with a correct focus! Now that I feel loved, I know how to love. I do not focus on the negative but on the positive, on how much I am valued and loved! I thank Art for giving me the skills to be healthy and to survive life’s journey!” ~ P.O.S. (Health Care Worker)

"Counseling with Art has improved my life in so many ways. When I started with him I was filled with anxiety, fear, self loathing, depression and stuck in a very unhealthy relationship. I also suffered from compulsive eating and spending patterns. Art very patiently worked at a pace I could handle. He helped me face and let go of the subconscious root causes of my problems. As a result, I am off all anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications and I have lost weight. Without effort, I feel much better about myself and I am married to someone that is positive and supportive. My family and friends are amazed how I have changed.” ~ N.R. (Wife and Mother)

“When I first came to the Counseling Center I was laid off from teaching. Deep hurts in my childhood manifested in feelings of sadness, stress, difficulties in forgiving and forgetting, lack of trust of others and a pattern of getting stuck in codependent relationships. As my emotional healing work with Art progressed, I let go of many hurts and unhealthy relationships and patterns. My self esteem and inner stability has greatly improved and I am enjoying my teaching career more than ever. I am sure my family, friends, students and co-workers are enjoying the “new me”. I encourage you to explore what counseling with Art can do for you.” ~ C.M. (Teacher)