Counseling Services

“…he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted…” (Jesus)

I have successfully helped hundreds of clients overcome many issues including depression, low self-esteem, self condemnation, relationship and intimacy challenges, addictions, and many other stress producing patterns.

You are unique and I will customize your therapy to meet your needs with sensitivity and complete confidentiality.

The purpose of counseling is to help you reach your goals. You may need information and awareness in areas relating to personality and communication styles or relationship patterns in marriage and families.

If you have found that you feel stuck in your journey to find relief and fulfillment, I can help you. For over 25 years I have specialized in helping people let go of the root causes of their issues.

As we work together, peace of mind will replace feelings and thoughts of rejection and self condemnation. Your new found confidence will facilitate growth in every area of your life (see testimonials page). You will then enjoy freedom, inner peace and confidence that will facilitate growth in every area of your life (see testimonial page).

I have successfully helped people with feelings and thoughts of:

  • Anxiety / Fear
  • Guilt / Depression
  • Frustration / Anger / Rage
  • Relationship Issues of Unresolved loss / Grief / Mistrust/ Conflict
  • Being Overwhelmed / Trapped
  • Intimacy / Closeness
  • Believing you are Unloved and Unlovable
  • Codependency
  • Inner Loneliness / Emptiness
  • Social Anxiety and Isolating
  • Unwanted Behaviors of Pornography / Sexual Additions
  • Test Taking Anxiety / Self Sabotage
  • Perfectionism / Procrastination

I have also coached people in maximizing their potential through:

  • Advanced Goal Setting
  • Visualization
  • Relaxation / Stress management

You can employ me as your personal “Life Coach”. You will learn strategies for success, including advanced goal setting, time management and fine tuning your subconscious for high achievement. I gleaned these techniques from my counseling practice and my years as a top producer and workshop leader with Success Motivation Institute.

As a business owner or manager you may want to offer your staff a course I developed entitled “Advanced Personal and Professional Development for the High Achiever.” This course combines the most effective techniques I discovered as a counselor and business professional that will improve relationships, self confidence and efficiency.